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5th September 2005

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#1 15 years ago

OK here's the thing... I've downloaded various main character models from Star Wars Movies (Obi-Wan, Anakin, Qui-Gon, Grievous..etc.). I've seen screenshots of Grievous and Yoda models. Yoda is shorter than default models and Grievous is taller.

How can I make the scale the model sizes correct? (I am a bit nooby in this kind of stuff.)

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3rd September 2005

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#2 15 years ago

You can only scale player models on a JA+ server which has the correct scaling file uploaded. You can scale NPCs in baseJKA, but you can't change the size of players using a certain model without using a mod.

I don't know how, and I don't know why, but this is totally Sheep's fault.