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#1 14 years ago

Well, my problem is that i can`t find any information about JK movie creating - how to make avi`s, bmp`s or something out from demos. Like viewdemo; startmovie in Counter - Strike. So - how to do this, do someone knows this?


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#2 14 years ago

To make an .avi out of a demo:

First record your demo. After it is all recorded, empty your screenshots folder. While you are in the main menu of JA, open the console and type cl_avidemo 20. Where 20 is type in the number of frames per second you want (as low as 15 looks good). Dont make it too high, because you can only store 10000 frames at a time. Then go watch your demo in JA. When the demo's over, type cl_avidemo 0 to make it stop recording. Then download, install, and open Quake Video Maker. Create a new scene. In the box on your right, you should see a drop-down menu called Sequence Format. Set that to shot####.jpg. Then in the drop-down above it (Sequence Folder), select your screenshot directory (default Gamedata\Base\screenshots), and click scan frames. You'll notice your demo apearing below. Select where you want your movie to start and end, then click on your scene name. A box should pop up and ask you if you want to apply changes. Click yes. Then go to movie settings (Movie->Settings). Select where you want it to go, it's name, and it's size. In Frames per second, put the number you used in cl_avidemo. Click okay. At the top of the menu, click the checkbox to preview your movie. Make any changes you want, and click on Generate Movie (right next to preview). Finally, click on the last button to watch your final saved movie.


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#3 14 years ago

Thank you! smilie.gif