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#1 13 years ago

Hello i got 2 questions. One question is i cannot spawn npcs and in my server.cfg file i have put the admin power to max, but i still cannot spawn them. The message i get is Cannot spawn npc cmd because of your admin rank. plz help. The second question is that i cannot get my dedicated server to run on the internet, only lan. plz help Thanks, Lasedar


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#2 13 years ago

1) are you logged in as an admin? 2) if u are make sure you typed /jp_councilallowedcmd 1073741822 3) if its still not working i dont know how to fix it then


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#3 13 years ago

Thanks, but do i type that in my server/reload file or do i type it in my game, cause when i type it in my game it says unkown cmd jp_councilallowedcmd. plz define more. Also, do u know why my dedicateed server only runs on lan?

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#4 13 years ago

server.cfg file


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#5 13 years ago

what do you mean? I'll put my server.cfg file words in this message and you tell me where i change to make it net server here it is ////////////////////////////////////////////

////////////SERVER CONFIG///////////////////

/////////////// + ///////////////////////

///////////JA+ MOD 2.2 CVAR SETTINGS/////////


//////////////By Slider/////////////////////


///////////////////SERVER GENERAL SETTINGS//////////


//---------SERVER PASSWORDS-----------

seta rconpassword "********"

//seta g_password "pass for private server"

//seta sv_privatePassword "pass for private clients"

//seta sv_privateClients 0

//----------MAIN SETTINGS------------

seta sv_hostname "^1Hells Sith Council"

seta g_motd "^0Laming Allowed"

seta sv_maxclients 24

// gametypes

// 0 = FFA

// 3 = DUEL one on one tournament



// 7 = SIEGE

// 8 = CTF

seta g_gametype 0

seta sv_maxRate 7000

//[Connection Speed] / ([Num Clients] x 8 ) = [sv_maxrate]

seta sv_master1 ""

seta sv_master2 ""

seta sv_master3 ""

seta sv_master4 ""

seta sv_master5 ""

seta g_banIPs ""

seta sv_maxPing "0"

seta sv_floodProtect "1"

seta sv_reconnectlimit "2"

seta bot_minplayers 0

//---------FORCE & Wepons----------------

seta g_weaponDisable 524279 // just saber

seta g_forcePowerDisable 0 // For forcePower bit values use the rcon cmd forcetoggle

seta g_maxForceRank 7

seta g_forceRegenTime "1" // 200 is the basejka default value.

//----------OTHER SERVER SETTINGS------

//seta g_gravity "1"

//seta sv_timeout "300"

//seta g_warmup "20"

//seta g_doWarmup "0"

seta g_teamAutoJoin 0

seta g_friendlyfire "0"

seta g_friendlySaber "0"

//seta g_log "games.log"

//seta g_statLog "1"

//seta g_statLogFile "stats.log"

seta g_inactivity 0

seta g_timeouttospec 0

seta g_allowvote 1

seta timelimit 0

seta fraglimit 150

seta capturelimit 150

seta duel_fraglimit "1"

seta g_autoMapCycle 0

seta sv_allowdownload 1

seta g_dismember "300" // the players must allow cg_dismember "300"

seta g_saberLocking 1

seta g_saberLockFactor 2

seta g_slowmoDuelEnd 0

seta g_allowDuelSuicide 0

seta g_siegeTeamSwitch 1

seta g_locationBasedDamage 1

seta g_stepSlideFix 1

seta g_allowNPC 1

seta g_useWhileThrowing 1

seta g_armBreakage 1

seta g_enableBreath 1

seta g_enableDust 1

//Remove some items

//seta disable_item_medpak_instant 1

//seta disable_item_medpak 1

//seta disable_item_medpac 1

//seta disable_item_shield_lrg_instant 1

//seta disable_item_shield_sm_instant 1



////////////////JA+ MOD SETTINGS////////////


//---------Client Side PLugin----------------------

seta sv_pure "0" // not ja+ related but used by the plugin system


///////////ADMIN SETTINGS//////


seta jp_councilPass "**********"

seta jp_knightPass "**********"

seta jp_instructorPass "**********"

seta jp_instructorAllowedCMD "140016138"

seta jp_knightAllowedCMD "207387354"

seta jp_councilAllowedCMD "1073741822"

seta jp_councilLoginMSG "%s ^0declares himself part of the ^1Sith council."

seta jp_knightLoginMSG "%s ^0has become a ^1Sith knight."

seta jp_instructorLoginMSG "%s ^0is now a ^1Sith instructor."

seta jp_admUsableOn 1 //-2 for all except admins, -1 for all, 0 for usable on lower or equal admin rank, 1 for usable on lower admin rank

seta jp_admScript 1

seta jp_admLoginEffect 1

//--------ANTI Admin Abuse----------------------

seta jp_antiAdmAbuseTimer 0

seta jp_antiAdmAbuseCmdsNumber 0

seta jp_antiAdmAbuseNumberB4ban 0


/////////JA+ MAIN SETTINGS/////


seta jp_starTrekTeleport 1

seta jp_allowGodTalk 1

seta jp_inactivityProtectTimer 300

seta bot_honorableduelacceptance 1

seta jp_noAutoReplier 1

seta jp_autoQUIT "" //disallow it if you don't have an autoRestart script

//-------Alternate Dimension-------------

seta jp_altDim 2

seta jp_altDimTimer 30

seta jp_altDimInactivityTimer 8

seta jp_altDimName "Alternate Dimension (real ffa, no rules)"

seta jp_primDimName "Primary Dimension"

//--------Clan Tag Protection------

seta jp_clanPass "" //the clan pass also used with clan chat

seta jp_clanTag "" // clan tag in player names

//----------Welcome MSGs---------

seta jp_motd "^1Welcome to Hell"

seta jp_motdtime 5 // 5 seconds

seta jp_welcomeMSG "^0Laming Allowed"

//------ANTI CHEAT---------------------

seta jp_macroScan 1

seta dmflags 128

seta jp_antiHackModel 1

//----------TEam Settings-----------

seta g_teamForceBalance 3

seta jp_teamLock 0

seta jp_allowTeamKill 0

//----------Vote management---------

seta jp_onlyVotingClients 1

seta jp_votesDisable 3056

seta jp_voteTimer 10

//-------DUel settings------

seta jp_allowTeamDuel 1

seta jp_endDuelBroadcastMSG 1

seta jp_removeDistanceDuelLimit 1

seta jp_duelStartArmor 100

seta jp_DuelAlpha 100 //value between 0 and 255 , -1 to descativate non interference code

seta jp_privateDuelForceRegen 150 //(200 is the basejka default value for force regen time)

//--------ITEMS ALLOWED----------

seta jp_pushAll 1

seta jp_giveWP_MELEE 1

seta jp_allowJetpack 1

seta jp_allowFlameThrower 1

seta jp_allowHook 1

seta jp_hookFloodProtect 750

seta jp_hookSpeed 999999

seta jp_allowCloakItem 1

seta jp_cloakFuel 0

seta jp_allowSaberSwitch 1500

seta jp_allowRGBsaber 1

//------Bad Words FIlter----------------

seta jp_wordFilter 0

seta jp_wordFilterBan ""

seta jp_wordFilterNumberB4punish 0

//-------PLAYER NAMES------------

seta jp_oldPlayerName 0

seta jp_allowSamePlayerNames 0

seta jp_allowBlackName 1

//-------MODEL SCALE-------------

seta jp_allowModelScale 0

seta jp_allowDmgSpeedScale 0

//-------MOVES & ATTACKS----------

seta g_debugMelee 1

seta jp_slideOnPlayer 0

seta jp_gripSpeedScale 0.8

seta jp_reduceSaberBlock 0

seta jp_autoDuelBOW 1

seta jp_improveYellowDFA 1

seta jp_jk2RedDFA 0

seta jp_allowNewDFA 1

seta jp_allowSPattacks 1

seta jp_allowSPForces 2

seta jp_allowAmKnockmedown 0

seta jp_allowAmDropSaber 0

seta jp_allowflipkick 1

seta jp_flipkickScaleDMG 1

seta d_saberKickTweak 0 // 1 (default basejka)=> staff kick damage weaker, 0 => real damage

seta jp_pushPullKnockDown 1

seta jp_fixRoll 1

seta jp_emotDisallow 0

seta jp_fixEmot 1

seta jp_gripOpenSaber 0

seta jp_forceCombo 1

seta jp_saberNoForceDrain 0

seta jp_noKATA 0

seta jp_fixAbsorb "2.0"

//----NEW ANIMS-----------

seta jp_newGLAAnims 1

seta jp_ledgeGrab 1

//-------HIGHLANDER FFA modification-----------------

seta jp_highlander 0

seta jp_highlanderMaxForceRank 5

seta jp_highlanderStartingLives 1

seta jp_highlanderFinalDualTimeLimit 2

//-------JEdi Vs Merc Modification-----------------

seta g_jediVmerc "0"


/////////Center Screen MSGs/////////




// MSGs displayed at the center of the screen

// FOr Broadcast Msg, the %s will be replaced by the name of the player


seta jp_msgBroadcastSleep "%s\n is falling asleep"

seta jp_msgTargetSleep "You are sleeping!"

seta jp_msgAllSleep "You are all sleeping!"

seta jp_msgBroadcastWake "%s\n is waking up"

seta jp_msgTargetWake "You awaken!\n Stop disturbing the peace!"

seta jp_msgAllWake "You are all waking up!"

seta jp_msgBroadcastSlap "%s\n has been slapped"

seta jp_msgTargetSlap "Die!"

seta jp_msgBroadcastSilence "%s\n has shutup"

seta jp_msgTargetSilence "Shutup!"

seta jp_msgAllSilence "You are all ^5silenced!"

seta jp_msgBroadcastUnsilence "%s\n has been ^5unsilenced"

seta jp_msgTargetUnsilence "You can speak!"

seta jp_msgAllUnsilence "You are all ^5unsilenced!"

seta jp_msgBroadcastForceAltDim "%s\n has been sent back in time"

seta jp_msgTargetForceAltDim "You are sent \nin ^5alternate dimension"

seta jp_msgAllForceAltDim "You are all sent \nin ^5alternate dimension"

seta jp_msgBroadcastUnForceAltDim "%s\n can come back to the present"

seta jp_msgTargetUnForceAltDim "You aren't forced to\nstay in ^5alternate dimension!"

seta jp_msgAllUnForceAltDim "You aren't forced to\nstay in ^5alternate dimension!"

seta jp_msgBroadcastProtect "%s\n is being ^5protected"

seta jp_msgTargetProtect "Don’t attack anyone!"

seta jp_msgBroadcastUnprotect "%s\n is loosing ^5protection"

seta jp_msgTargetUnprotect "I warned you!"

seta jp_msgBroadcastEmpower "%s\n is a Sith Master"

seta jp_msgTargetEmpower "You are a Sith Master!"

seta jp_msgBroadcastUnempower "%s\n has been decomissioned"

seta jp_msgTargetUnempower "You were decomissioned!"

seta jp_msgBroadcastTeleport "%s\n has been teleported"

seta jp_msgTargetTeleport "You have been teleported"

seta jp_msgBroadcastMindtrick "%s\n has been Mindtricked\n he lost his eyes!"

seta jp_msgTargetMindtrick "You have been Mindtricked\n You lost your eyes!"

seta jp_msgBroadcastUnmindtrick "%s\n has been UnMindtricked"

seta jp_msgTargetUnmindtrick "You have been UnMindtricked"

seta jp_msgBroadcastGhost "%s\n is a Ghost"

seta jp_msgTargetGhost "You are a ghost"

seta jp_msgBroadcastUnghost "%s\n has been Unghosted"

seta jp_msgTargetUnghost "You have been Unghosted"

seta jp_msgBroadcastMerc "%s\n is a Mandalorian"

seta jp_msgTargetMerc "You have gained the honor of the Mandalorians"

seta jp_msgBroadcastUnmerc "%s\n is no Mandalorian"

seta jp_msgTargetUnmerc "You lost your honor as a Mandalorian"

seta jp_msgBroadcastDenyvote "%s\n cannot callvote any more"

seta jp_msgTargetDenyvote "You lost the vote right"

seta jp_msgBroadcastUndenyvote "%s\nis allowed to callvote"

seta jp_msgTargetUndenyvote "You are allowed to vote"


///////SABER DAMAGES CVAR////////////



seta jp_alterDMG 0

seta jp_allowSaberTouchDMG 0

seta d_saberSPStyleDamage 1

//------the following cvars are used only if jp_alterDMG 1------

seta jp_SaberThrowScaleDMG 1

seta jp_StaffDualSpinAttack 10

seta jp_DualKataAttack 50

seta jp_StaffKataAttackMin 30

seta jp_StaffKataAttackMax 50

seta jp_StaffBackAttackMin 2

seta jp_StaffBackAttackMax 30

seta jp_DualBackAttackMin 2

seta jp_DualBackAttackMax 25

seta jp_StaffDualOtherAttackMin 2

seta jp_StaffDualOtherAttackMax 45

seta jp_StaffDualNormalAttackMin 2

seta jp_StaffDualNormalAttackMax 60

seta jp_SingleStrongNormalAttackMin 2

seta jp_SingleStrongNormalAttackMax 110

seta jp_SingleStrongDfaAttackMin 2

seta jp_SingleStrongDfaAttackMax 180

seta jp_SingleStrongBackAttackMin 2

seta jp_SingleStrongBackAttackMax 50

seta jp_SingleStrongOtherAttack 100

seta jp_SingleMediumDfaAttackMin 2

seta jp_SingleMediumDfaAttackMax 70

seta jp_SingleMediumBackAttackMin 2

seta jp_SingleMediumBackAttackMax 35

seta jp_SingleMediumOtherAttack 60

seta jp_SingleFastLungeAttackMin 2

seta jp_SingleFastLungeAttackMax 30

seta jp_SingleFastBackAttackMin 2

seta jp_SingleFastBackAttackMax 30

seta jp_SingleFastOtherAttack 35

seta jp_SingleKataAttackMin 30

seta jp_SingleKataAttackMax 50

seta jp_StabDownAttackMin 2

seta jp_StabDownAttackMax 50

seta jp_RollStabAttackMin 2

seta jp_RollStabAttackMax 12

seta jp_NewSpinDfaAttackMin 2

seta jp_NewSpinDfaAttackMax 60

seta jp_NewPullAttackMin 2

seta jp_NewPullAttackMax 50


////////////////END OF JA+ CVAR SETTINGS////////


exec jk2.cfg

exec vstr.cfg

//----------SERVER MAP LAUnCHING---------------

map sithcouncilv2