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#1 11 years ago

I can get into multi-player mode, and I can set up a solo game in it's entirety. Then I hit play. The map starts to load and then the game closes out and gives me the MP Console with the following listed

------- Game Initialization ------- gamename: basejk gamedate: Jul 22 2003 SP_misc_ammo_floor_unit: misc_ammo_floor_unit startsolid at (-3856 -3496 -719) Loading dll file ui. Loading dll file cgame. Shutting down OpenGL subsystem Terrain has no heightmap specified

The error message flashing in red text is 'Terrain has no heightmap specified'. This happens no matter which map I try to load.



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#2 11 years ago

Few questions for start:

  • Is your copy of the game legal or illegal (cracked, illegaly downloaded or pirated in any other way)?
  • What OS do you have? XP, Vista or Windows 7?
  • Have you tried reinstalling the game?
  • Are you trying to load stock (base) maps or custom ones?
  • Do you have any mod installed?
  • If yes, what mod(s)?


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#3 11 years ago

gamename: basejk -- That's a tad odd. If I remember correctly, this should say 'gamename: basejka' SP_misc_ammo_floor_unit: misc_ammo_floor_unit startsolid at (-3856 -3496 -719) -- This is nothing to worry about, it just means the map you're playing on has an ammo unit stuck inside a wall or something. Shutting down OpenGL subsystem -- Something went wrong, so the game shuts down the openGL subsystem (Disables rendering, closes game window, etc) Terrain has no heightmap specified -- Bang, this is the real issue. I believe it's to do with a map (Terrain being part of a map) so it shouldn't happen on every map..

My question is, are you running a 100% legit version of the game? It seems 'gamename' has changed, and other things have stopped working too. I'd be making sure you have the legit version of the game.

Second option, is to remove some mods - they like to conflict with eachother in weird ways causing all sorts of errors.

Also, if you're running Vista or Windows 7, try running with administrative rights, then try compatibility mode for XP if that doesn't work, then try disabling desktop composition.