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#1 14 years ago

I think that's its full name... Anyway, this just recently popped up. I downloaded JA+ this morning from my clan's page and installed it when I got home. I was playing with it for an hour or two and got off for something. When I got back on, I consistently began to get crash errors from Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. You know, those mortifyingly annoying pop-ups from Windows XP that say this program has encountered some miniscule error and has to close. Well, that's what happened. Three times. I was at the profile screen after just joining two of those times. The other was when I was jumping out of the shield several seconds after respawning. Anyone else get this error? My McAfee Privacy Service thing was disabled, McAfee SpamKiller, McAfee Personal Firewall, everything (you have no clue how many things McAfee can screw up; I turn it all off during installations and whatnot). Anyway, help would be appreciated.