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#1 16 years ago

I use GtkRadiant 1.4 in Jedi Academy. I try to create a simple room with sky but I found some problems: Radiant show many skyes in texture window but some seems not existent (during game I can't see it) and don't bright. I select menu "skyes" in "textures" menu and then select sky. I wrong install Gtk (but the maps are compiled well)???? Thx in advance


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#2 16 years ago

First off make sure u selected a sky texture/shader that is a square and has the word 'sky' on it. Apply that texture to your skybox or just a face of it which ever u like. Yes some of the skies don't work. Make sure you have lights on your map so u can see. Comple the following: -BSP Meta, -Vis Fast, -Light Faster. Depending on the detailing of your map this could take anywhere from 10 seconds to days (or weeks). Hope this solves some of ur "problems"