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#1 12 years ago

Before everyone asks; yes, it's a legal copy. A friend of mine is having this problem with his Jedi Academy copy, you see, he just got it, and when he updated to, the game just kept asking for the disc, even it was inside the CD-ROM.

We checked the registry, and everything was right by the way, also, he reinstaled at least 5 times, and we noticed that it only hapens when it goes to, because without the patch, he can play without problems, but where's the fun on that if we can't play on multiplayer and use JA+ mod and some other things.


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#2 12 years ago

Did he try running MP through the CD? The Auto-run should give you the option ot play MP, go ahead and try that. If it still asks for your CD, then I would assume that he screwed something up. Please be sure to erase everything when you uninstall before installing. Because if you don't, then the resinstall's purpose is innexistant... Delete everything once the uninstall is done, including the folders. Backup your PK3's if needed, then try again. Regards, Lucian


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#3 12 years ago

Ok, problem fixed, but now the problem is that he's disconnected from every server he tries to go in, after some minutes, he just gets an error message, he says that it's "max-conad" or so. Do anyone knows why does that happen?