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This error will happen randomly during gameplay for no apparent reason.

Truth is, it's triggered because you're using a NO-CD crack and running a pirated version of Jedi Academy Removing your crack will solve the issue. We do not support warez or software copy-protection prevention. Do not ask for help. Buy the game or don't play at all.

-Further information- A CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check)-style verification of jamp.exe is performed during gameplay, and if the file is different from the original, a piece of malicious (In this case, self-destructive) code will trigger itself and you'll receive this error.

[COLOR="#FF0000"]VM_Create on failed[/COLOR]

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VM_Create on Failed can be caused by 2 reasons:
  1. JA was unable to extract the dlls from the pk3s (usually the case)
  2. JA was unable to properly load the dlls (should never happen)
Now, the first one can be caused by multiple reasons:
  1. The file is in use (so trying to run JA twice simultaneously causes it)
  2. You (or JA really) don't have permission to create the file

On Windows 7 and Vista, its usually the second one, as both OS' block programs from altering files inside Program Files. That is, if UAC is active and the program is not run with administrative rights.

Disabling UAC or running with administrative rights will solve the issue.

  • Right-click on jamp.exe and select Properties
  • Go to the Compatibility tab
  • Enable Compatibility mode and set it for Windows XP (Service Pack 2) ([SIZE="1"]Most likely not needed, so leave this as a last option[/SIZE])
  • Disable Desktop Composition ([SIZE="1"]This will disable extensive themes, solving some FPS and compatibility issues[/SIZE])
  • Enable running with Administrative privilege level ([SIZE="1"]most likely the solution, so try this first[/SIZE])
  • Click OK and try running the game directly from that .exe file

Credits to BobaFett and Tricorder for the information

[COLOR="#FF0000"]I can't patch my Steam version of the game![/COLOR]

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As you know, there is a 1.01 patch of JA. However, the Steam version of the game comes prepatched. You don't need to apply any patches yourself - it's already been done. Nothing is wrong :)

[COLOR="#FF0000"]Windows 7 won't install my OpenGL and/or graphics card drivers! (Or I'm using an on-board card that does not support OpenGL)[/COLOR]

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If you're having trouble with this, an interesting alternative is a program called GLDirect. The way this program works is by mapping what would be handled by OpenGL to the DirectX equivalent. This may not be suitable for everyone, but it's worth a shot! [source]

[COLOR="#FF0000"]Weird terrain graphic problem at the beginning of the game - Or screen is black![/COLOR]

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Some people have reported having issues with a terrain at the beginning of the game. Examples:
Spoiler: Show
Spoiler: Show
Spoiler: Show

This is a rendering primitive issue. If you're experiencing the same or a similar issue, try the following:

Run the game, open the console and experiment with different primitives values. Type this:

  • r_primitives 0
  • r_primitives 1
  • r_primitives 2
  • r_primitives 3

Try them one by one (confirm each command with Enter, ofcourse), but don't go over 3 if you don't want to lose the whole view. If your screen is black, it will still work - you'll just have to blind-type it! (Perhaps copy-paste it)

[COLOR="#FF0000"]Game crashes when I update to the latest ATI drivers! (Catalyst 10.5)[/COLOR]

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GTK Radiant specific errors

[COLOR="#FF0000"]Can't save maps on Vista/Windows 7 ("No brushes selected")[/COLOR]

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This is a known issue for 1.4, and possibly 1.5 There are two 'solutions' to this problem.

1) Save over another .map file ( for example) This is because Radiant can't create a new map file, but it can overwrite 2) Under Edit -> Preferences -> Interface -> Layout, untick 'Use win32 file load dialog' This will use Radiants native save dialog, which will work (Thanks to mrwonko for finding this fix!)

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[COLOR="#FF0000"]SV_SetBrushModel: NULL[/COLOR]

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This error is very map-specific, and should only occur if a map you have made is faulty. SV_SetBrushModel is a function used in Jedi Academy to attach a bmodel to an entity that expects one.

Here's some more information from NAB622:

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This error is one of several that are usually caused by Radiant 1.5. SV_SetBrushModel: NULL means that somewhere in your map, a brush entity has no brushes in it. It's a simple error to understand.

You see, Radiant 1.5 tends to add entities with no brushes to your entity list without telling you, which will cause the error. Since this "ghost entity" has no brushes, JA has no idea what to do with it.

Other causes of this error are:

A func_ entity, that contains a brush with an "areaportal" texture on it A func_ entity that contains only an origin brush A func_ entity that contains only patch meshes

It's pretty easy to find and fix this, once you know what it is.

To fix ghost entities:

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Push the L key to open up your entities list, and find the func_door that I have circled in red: sv_setbrushmodel_null_fix.JPG

The circled func_door has no brushes in it, as you can see by the missing + sign. Delete it. That should solve your problem.

If you feel something should be added to this list, feel free to PM [COLOR="DarkOrange"]Raz0r[/COLOR], [COLOR="DarkOrange"]Admiral Antilles[/COLOR], or [COLOR="DarkOrange"]Nozyspy[/COLOR].