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30th June 2004

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#1 13 years ago

Here's my problem: I attempt to join a server, everything loads to the point of when I should enter the spec mode of the game, and be in the server; but instead, my JKA window closes. Yet looking at my xfire server listing, it says I'm serverside.

This has gotten to the point of being extremely infuriating. My only idea is that my computer ultimately is below par, even though it used to run fine, etc. I play JKA in the lowest resolution as a window, with the highest detail settings. Sporatically, it won't close my window, but then often it will freeze ingame, I notice that its mainly when there are 10+ players in there as well.

Drivers are not the issue, as I've spent about a month of my time trying to figure that out, and updating only made them worse. Are my computer's specs too low, and/or my computer has too much wear and tear (its a '00 dell [yes, I'm utterly lame])? This problem has been getting worse and worse as of late.

A solution would be good, but a diagnosis of a crippled computer would be just as nice, as long as SOMEONE can dicern the issue.