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#1 8 years ago

tha japlus folder have saber.cfg but i cant use this

//************************* //AUTHOR: SLider

// SABER CHANGE SCRIPT // This enable you to change quickly your saber by pressing the default key R // You can of course change this KEY // then in game just type /exec saber.cfg // // You can change the saber name but with that default script // you will be able to switch between one single blade, 2 single blades and, MAUL dual blade // //***************************

bind R "vstr CHANGE_SABER" // change this key

//************** //CHANGE SABER // you can change here the name of sabers in order to put your prefered one // for example you can change the single_3 saber with single_2 or other saber name // that you have in your .sab files of your PK3 files. //**************

seta CHANGE_SABER "vstr saber_1" // do not modify this

seta saber_1 "saber single_3;set CHANGE_SABER vstr saber_2" seta saber_2 "saber single_3 single_3;set CHANGE_SABER vstr saber_3" seta saber_3 "saber dual_1;set CHANGE_SABER vstr saber_1"

in the game I press R but dont shange the saber, how use this

sorry for the inglish

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#2 8 years ago

I always do this:

/bind (Key for saber to pop up) saber_(name of saber)


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#3 8 years ago

For temp use, open console and type: /exec saber Then try again.

If you want to always use it, type: /exec saber /write ninjase Then /exec ninjase and it's permanently written into your .cfg.


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#4 8 years ago

thanks for the answers, i add the comand to the autoexe.cfg and now work