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#1 12 years ago

Hey guys, I'd appreciate if ya'll could help me on a problem.. well you see Im using the whole Jampded Shortcut thing but it when i first started doing it (couple of days ago) my server appeared in the list and i added the ip to my favoruites... But now now It appears in the favourites but not the server list i have to refresh server list to get it in my favourites.. :S the ip is somet like 86.129 blabla and but when i connect to the server from the actual SERVER IP not my LAN ip it crashes after like 10 seconds the whole server does.. but when i connect through my lan ip i dont think people can get in , i was asking friends to test it but 1 person got in but then kept crashing out but then finnaly got in my internet connection is like 10mb and my computer is ultra fast so it cant be wrong with my computer and the server.cfg is all fine If any of you had this problem and u fixed it please... help! :D