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#1 16 years ago

:confused: :mad: :beer: Hey i want to know why when i try to start my own server that it either doesn't work, or when it does work and i try to go into the server by opening a new JA game it just continuously searches for servers. Someone tell me what is wrong......


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#2 16 years ago

I can tell you my way of makin a server on a 56k modem..

Make it a dedicated server what your making, then start your game. Normally the game itself will turn off. After that make the EXACT same server as you did before. Now if you put the Auto Dwnload to YES and the pure server to NO then start your game then it should let people join your server.

As for the never ending search then it could either be these problems:

*It may do this on a modem (rare on a 56k) *Are you connected to the internet? *Try reinstalling JA

Hope this helps ya dude :)