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10th March 2008

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#1 11 years ago

Well I was bored and haven't modded in a while so I was going to make a skin for a friend, a dark snowtrooper. Everything turned out nice accept for the cape. The back of it (From player's point of view) is completely see-through. I tripple checked the .shaders, .skins, and .jpg sizes and crap. Everything was working perfectly. So, I did a little test and replaced the new cape in the .skin file to the old cape which it worked just fine, so I'm assuming it's dealt with darker/lighter color values EFF up planar models (The cloth)...

Solutions? Suggestions? I tried to apply the cape as a glow on itself since it technically adds another layer, which did nothing, just made the front of the came glow and the back of the cape was still see-through...

Edit: Disregard this until further notice, Forgot to try cull2side in the shader -.-

Edit again:

Yep, it was cull twosided