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10th May 2006

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#1 12 years ago

OK I have created a duel map, and have gone through the bot support guide on this site, and it does work the first time, but when the map reloads, the bots go back to their primitive behavors (they start jumping like I never added bot support.) It really puts a hamper on playablilty, especially on a duel map, which reloads every 15 seconds. Does anyone have any Idea as to why this happens.

OK, I have made a movie showing my problem, it can be downloaded here oh, and even if you can't help, download it anyway, it also doubles as an ad for my map ;) (hey, I have to do something to show it off)

Yay, I got third post (and second, and first, man this is pathetic) Yeah, I just found out that the link in the previous post is bad, so here is the new link. Again sorry about that, I must have mistyped or something.


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#2 12 years ago

After you set up all the waypoints, remember to open the console and type '/bot_wp_save' to save the botroutes (they are saved in your Base folder, in the folder 'botroutes' and in a file that is the name of your map).

If you're still working on the map make a 'dummy' pk3 file that just contains the botruotes for your map - it seems that even if you run unpure the game doesn't want to read your botfiles from the folder, so I put them in a pk3 file by themself and it works fine.

Hope it helps :)