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#1 9 years ago

On any and all maps that I have (Taspir Power Complex 3, TIMON, etc.) all "glass" or "shiny" textures are missing, only to be replaced by a bland grey color with white squares. (IE The tube on the upper levels of TPC3). How would I fix this?

I am using JA+ with a single saber stance mod, plus multiple custom skins and maps. I can't be sure when they started to appear, but if I had to guess honestly since the beginning. I am also running a valid copy of Jedi Academy, though playing it without a disc via an ISO of the play disc.

I'll work on getting some screens, but in the meantime is there a simple answer I'm unaware of?


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6th November 2008

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#2 9 years ago

you have some missing textures or texture conflicts there(or shaders, possible too...) I suggest you remove everything in your base folder, insert and test your maps/mods one by one, and if it does show up properly, add another pk3 to your base. Test again, etc.


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3rd April 2009

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#3 9 years ago

Sorry if this is bumping but make sure that fs_dirbeforepak is 0 in the console. If it's not just change it to 0 and it should work.

It maybe read-only so create a shortcut to your jamp.exe file, add " +fs_game japlus +seta fs_dirbeforepak 0 +devmap mp/ffa5" to the end of its target in the shortcut properties. Then run it and check the lava pipes to see if the textures are working.

They should be working and you can delete that shortcut you made. If they're still showing missing then you've reached my mind's boundaries =p and I can't help :(

It worked for me anyway. PS I have basejka so I don't know if "fs_game japlus" is all you need to do to start JA+ :uhm: Anywayz just try it.