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#1 11 years ago


Im currently working on windows7 witch is just about based off of vista (incudes the run as admin) Im trying to get JK3 to work with the mod JA+ 2.3 Since i can only run JK3 on run as admin and you cant run admin on a batch file witch is needed to run japlus, im out of ideas

JK3 does work but i have to Run as admin or Vm create on ui failed comes up So when i run the japlus Batch, same thing occurs

I managed to solve this problem on my last vista computer but i forgot how to do it :/

Ive seen other threads but they werent any help or none for what i was needing

Help pl0xy?


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15th February 2009

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#2 11 years ago

Make a shortcut to JAMP.exe on your desktop, and right click on it, go to properties. Look at the path to the JAMP.exe, at the end, add a space, and add "+set fs_game japlus" With the quotes, and now you should be able to run as admin.

If your JA+ folder isn't called japlus, change the "japlus" in the "+set fs_game japlus" to whatever the JA+ folder is.

Hope that helps :P