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#1 11 years ago

Alright, so my step dad blew up the family comp and now our only means to go online is through mi madre's laptop. When I tried to put JKA on the laptop I first analyzed it to make sure it had the specs, it does, so then I installed the game. When i went to go play it all seemed well, but when it goot to the title page, where it just says JEDI KNIGHT ACADEMY in big letters i get the whole Windows "JKA has encountered a problem, would you like to send an error report" dialog box.:mad: This happened months ago and the problem still persists, ive reinstalled the game a number of times since then, but to no avail. Stranger still ive recently purchased Star Wars Battlefront 2 for the PC and when i analyzed the comp for gameplay it didn't meet 2 of the requirements. I installed it regardless and it runs more than adequately.So i'm all like WTF!?!?!, but I digress, PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!! p.s. forgive me for the long post, ima story teller.