why jedi academy modded doesn't show me all the maps? -1 reply

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#1 10 years ago

i can't understand why my jedi academy (whit force mod III) in Lan challenge in ffa,or duel or power duel doesn't show me all the maps to choose,but only few of them. i've the last patch and force mod III . thanks!!!


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#2 10 years ago

I've never used Forcemod III, so I don't know if it's specifically mod related problem, but JA has a limit when it comes to displaying maps and skins. If you have more maps installed than the limit allows, some of them won't show up on the map selection screen. Removing the extra maps to accommodate the limit solves the problem.



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#3 10 years ago

Also, if a map does not have a .arena file, it won't display the map on the list.

You can manually change maps with the console, though, as long as you know the name of the .bsp file.