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1st November 2009

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#1 11 years ago

my idea is for kotor 2 and it is that you meet this crazy man who makes you and your party travel back in time and must experence past memories alone but you get to play them. here are the memories i would pick exile: wandering on a hostile planet during exile Traya: Training Revan Mira/Hannharr: the story they share in the shadowlands visa: when nihlus destroyed her world HK: assassanation missions T3: revens mission for t3 Boa dur: fighting in the mandalorian war Mandalor: same as boa dur but for the other side Atton: Killing jedis G0 t0: earning his way up the exchange through mass murder Disiple/mical and handmaiden: idk well theres my cool mod idea. you controlle each character for there memory and they do it alone :hump2: lol :bananal: some of these smileys are funny:moon::smokin: