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#1 10 years ago

i think it would be cool to have robes for the female PCs similar to the cut of these Knights of the Old Republic 2 Files - Screenshots for File: Patterned Robes but without the pants (show off legs, like a skirt), and without the undershirt (to show off arms and a lil cleavage). So basically the black parts on that pic would instead be skin. And maybe the texture/material of the garment would be a little more traditional robe looking. Xacius is on the right track with these Knights of the Old Republic 2 Files - Screenshots for File: Feminine Jedi Robes with the legs, but they look kindof like skin pants and the arnt the right cut to show off arms and cleavage. so if any of you want to give it a shot, or can tell me how to make them myself, id love to hear back


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#2 10 years ago

Well, to make it really good, you would have to do a little remodeling in a program like gmax or maya perhaps. Which can be a real pain if your not good with modeling, believe me, otherwise it is pretty simple, the skinning all you must do is get a program like gimp,photoshop or any other imaging program that supports layers, sample the skin tone generally then make the adjustments relevant to the area of the body you are skinning. Sorry, I can't actully tell you HOW to do it, as I am not good enough myself to do it.