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24th October 2006

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#1 12 years ago

Now, I dunno how to mod KotOR2 or else I would make this myself. If anyone can tell me how to mod KotOR2, that'd be great. But if you could make a mod, that'd also be great. Now, when I play video games, I like to see things that go "Boom." In KotOR2, and 1, there's a remarkable lack of "Boom-y" things in my opinion. Grenades and mines are all nice, but where's heavy weapons and more advanced explosives? Here's a list of stuff I think needs to be added:

-Jetpack -Grapple Hook -Flamethrower -Flak Cannon -Rocket Launcher -Remote Detonator -More powerful grenades -White Phosphorous Grenade (From SWG) -Artillery

If anyone could make these, it'd be GREAT!!!