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#1 13 years ago

heyy guys, I have attempted over and over again to create Mission and Zaalbar in TSL, using Mira for Mission and her puppet character (that i need to make) for Zaalbar. Problem is I can't create puppets. The scripting involved is beyond my skill. Can someone help me out? can someone make a puppet for Mira using the template Alien_Wookie_Male_05 and then email it to me? (including the scripts) I made the override .utc file for Mission, but I need the puppet. can someone help me out?


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#3 13 years ago

A puppet is a follower to a party member, such as Bao-Durs remote.

Crunchyboy: I'll take a look at the remote guide and see if I can help you out. I'm not used to TSL modding but maybe I can throw toghether a puppet. And I really recommend you editing Mira's dialog on the v2 of your mod. You'll just need to add like some dialog lines where she explains why she became a bonty hunter and why she changed name to Mira.