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#1 11 years ago

Im new to modding and i want to reskin something for Kotor or Kotor2. Could somebody please explain how to get a skin into Gimp and after modifying it how to get the skin out of Gimp and back into the game. I have Gimp 2.6, Gmax, NWmax, MDLops, Kotor Tool, and KSE 3.3.3. I have experience with programs like Photoshop and AutoCAD. I also have a question about Gmax: is there some way to engage an "object snap" feature?


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#2 11 years ago
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#3 11 years ago

This is only editing.

Before, you have to open kotortool and find the skin you want to edit (in tpc-format), then you have to extract it to a .tga-file utilizing the nice button at the right hand side. Then you can edit it with GIMP, save it as a .tga-file again and put your tga-file in the "Override" folder in your KotOR directory (where the exe-file is...). If there is no Override folder, create one. If you leave the name of the file unchanged, the skin will override (who would have guessed? ;) ) the original file in the game. (Might require you to start a new game.) If you want both skins, you will have to rename the tga-file to something else and create a new uti-file. (If you want a new uti-file and don't know how to create one, just post it. Or PM me if you like. Whatever suits you best. :p )



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#4 11 years ago

thanks this should make it easier how do i make a new uti file? is it just finding an item and changing all the properties and descriptions to the way you want? or is it something more than that?

this is my first attempt to reskin an armor


please any feedback is appreciated

:banghead: bah!! im still getting used to posting on the forums here is a link to where the picture should be



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#5 11 years ago

Please refrain from triple-posting next time. There's an "EDIT" button for that (edit.gif). Thanks. :) If you're skinning an existing armour/robe, I suggest you use an existing *.uti file. I also suggest you take a look at this list of tutorials.

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#6 11 years ago

there are a few things that im not sure on and all the tutorials dont seem to be clear on, at least to me. so where is it i save the edited skin and when i save it do i just change the last numbers to make it a different texture. none of the tutorials ive read answer these questions.