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#1 11 years ago

Ok laugh at me i need help intalling mods i kinda have before but no all have worked i want to know do you extact the files into override or just copy/past cause i dont know much Also when i want cheats i go on to that swotor ini thing then to game options i type in enablecheat=1 save and it says i dont have permission and my actual windows profile is not restriced

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#2 11 years ago

First, in your .ini, you should disable 'Read-only' in the file permission page. That should fix it. If not, simply open it up in Notepad++ as it is able to write read-only files. Whenever you download a mod, a readme file should be included. Make sure to read it very carefully, as some mods don't require you to put the files in Override, but Modules instead. The usual and most common install goes as following; download your mod. Open it up and extract the files to [KOTORDIRECTORY] -> [OVERRIDE]. Some mods also require you to extract certain files into 'Modules'. If instructed, do that.

And in some occassions, a TSL Patches is being used. If that's the case, simply follow the instructions on there.Be cautious though; select the 'KOTOR' directory in the TSLPatcher, not the Override one.

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#3 11 years ago

thank you