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#1 11 years ago

This isnt exactly modding, but its to do with textures. My textures for kotor one are corrupt and it seems installing and reinstalling isnt fixing this. Could i get pointed in the right direction to maybe a patch or something to fix this? if not could some1 upload the 3 texture files to say megaupload or some site like that? Its not working and ive reinstalled like 5 times to no avail

when i play, all the characters are white except for some heads :(

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#2 11 years ago

People are not allowed to share original game files here on FileFront. It's considered illegal as it's breaking the Terms of Use & Agreement. As for the problem itself; corruption within the disk itself cannot be prevented. If a disk is damaged, it is as-is. I suggest you send the disk back to customer support and request a new one, should warranty still be of consequence.

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