I need help badly with a mod I installed (Model or skin modder could help?) -1 reply

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#1 11 years ago

Hello all, I just installed a bunch of mods one of them being start as Revan as located here

Darth Revan Mod 1.3 Mod Download, Knights of the Old Republic 2 Mods

And I started the game, put on the robes everything was great. I got to the escape pod and saved. Exited, forget why got back on and my character had turned into Malak. I took off the robes put it back on and it switched back to my character.

I proceeded to go into the escape pod thinking it was just a glitch. Then the cutscenes started. Ohhh boy. I hit the one where you wake up from your sleep and it was Malak again. And when he rose to get up his animation was all screwy.

I put the robes on again and took em off and it was my character again. Boom after exiting the apartment, Malak again.

I also installed the Darthmaul + Horns pack so that might have done it? I went through all the other mods rars 1 by 1 a couple times and there is nothing in there that would have done it I don't think seeing as they are unrelated to character skins or changing of their models.

please please help as I wanted to start the game as being revan and I'm trying to pretend I had lost my memory and found out who I was but have a path to get my powers back by talking to the sith council :P

I would rather not have to play as a twitchy Malak as it is throwing off my Revanness :)

Thanks in advance.

PS. The way I think you could help is if someone knows what files change your Playble charcters model or skin. That way I could check Override and delete it?


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#2 11 years ago

KOTOR and TSL Save Game Editor (English Language Only) 3.3.3 Utility Download, Knights of the Old Republic 2 Utilities is a link to KSE which you can use to change charracter model if this is not a problem caused by Conflicting mods Frankly the only other suggestion i can come up with is that you need to reinstall your mods as i have checked over the two mods and they dont seem to conflict. so try to remove one mod or the other if the kse suggestetion doesent work