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#1 10 years ago

I know i know, your all probably thinking... what is this guy crazy why would he choose a controller over KB/M??? lol!?

Well when i play KOTOR (i have only just started and gotten off the First ship) id like to you know... sit back and chill, its nothing competitive or really demanding.

Unfortunately KB/M is not very good at letting me do that so ive been searching for any mods that make using a Controller for KOTOR easier.

I have a 360 controller, and i have been using Xpadder to emulate what my KB/M does onto the Controller.

Ive selected the option to have my camera rotate around, and not follow the Mouse i find this made using a controller much easier but my only problem is when i need to use the mouse for example when im in combat or in my inventory.

I have to Left click to bring up the mouse cursor up (i have left click mapped to the Right Trigger and/or A) and then drag it across the screen using my joystick, as you can imagine this is a pretty crap way to play.

Ive tried adjusting the sensitivity of the mouse but this does not work because the cursor ends up flying past its target.

So i was wondering do you guys know of any mods that gets rid of the mouse cursor totally and has the option highlight so you can just scroll through them? Or are there any other was of achieving this desired effect?

Basically i want to edit the way i control the game to be like it was on the xbox ( i have not play xbox version tho so it might be the same but im guessing its not)

I have tried searching over file front and the Internets of a way to do this but to no avail. Hopefully there is no harm in asking here.

Thanks in advance

P.S i know your going to advise me to buy the console version but IMO PC is superior just by having mods for this game.