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#1 11 years ago

I've been modeling guns for about four years now, and after recently buying KoTOR again off Steam I instantly notice how BAD the weapons of this game look. Sure, it's old, but really, the textures kinda don't make sense. Also, seeing as almost everyone has computers that can run this game on the highest setting these days, I reckon there should be some higher polygon models for them too.

Now, I have tried modding this game before but it was waaaay harder than other games I've modded due to the lack of a proper editor. What I'm asking is for someone who would be willing to offer some assistance to me in getting some higher-polygon weapon models done by me with some higher-resolution textures into the game as a usable mod. Basically I'm planning on a large-ish mod that overhauls all of the most common weapons in the game, but mostly the guns. I'd be doing the modeling, UV mapping and texturing. Also, of course, I'd like the actual finished file sent to me when completed so that I can upload it.

If anyone helps me with this they will of course be given credits.

Thanks for your time, -Toasty


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#2 11 years ago

Hey Toasty. To be honest, this isn't really the best place to post about modding. It's not very active here.

Holowan Laboratories - LucasForums

Go here and start up an account. You'll be welcomed with open arms. Modelers are always needed. There are of course mods that replace the standard guns already, but you are welcome to start your own project. There are also many tutorials as well as experienced modelers who could very easily assist you.

I'm not a modeler, but I can just generally show you around the place.

VarsityPuppet is my name there.

Hope to see you soon.