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18th June 2003

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#1 12 years ago

Korriban seems a little one note to me, all you have is the academy, so why not add something to make Korriban more fun, so here's my suggestion for a mod

The door accross from the Czerka would lead to a Taris clone (the upper city, but with Korriban's sky)

The cantina door would allow you to return to the docking bay

The hospital would have a sadistic doctor

The droid shop would just be a regular shop

The North Apartments door would lead to a Sith "recreation" center where you can duel, and if possible race.

The Sith base would be a kitbash of both the Taris and Manaan bases, with perhaps Revan's items under lock and key

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21st August 2006

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#2 12 years ago
FedRebel;3529545The hospital would have a sadistic doctor

Well, it would be pretty obvious that a sadistic doctor would be found on a Sith planet(if he weren`t sadistic, he would be an oddball, would he not?) But the question is: who would go in such a hospital(except for the Sith) if they know that an evil doctor resides in it?