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28th October 2007

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#1 13 years ago

I used to have the latest 'Movie Mandalorians Mod' but I lost it, so could anyone please direct me to it or give it to me OTHER than pcgamemods, 'cause I can't get to it anymore. Also, and I know this'll sound weird and quite possibly impracticable, but can nyone make a mod for KOTOR and TSL make a mod for ep3(Phase 2 armour) clones(troopers[i.e. paratrooper, AT-RT driver, pilot, etc.] and commanders[i.e. Bacara, Gree, Cody, Appo, Thire, Odd-ball etc]) and add clone weapons(DC-15a rifle and DC-15s carbine) and add the model for the Imperial Navy Troopers{Death Star Troopers: the ones who carry out the dead officers in EP5; ESB}(suggest use Republic Officer body model for body, the helmet I'll leave up to you). I recommend the expert modder who can accomplish this(if they don't know who I'm on about) to look up: Databank - Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki and use the intelligent search box. I know I'm probably the first to expound on what might be my own idea, but other hungry mod downloaders may well like these mod ideas despite not having thought of them themselves. Anyway if any seasoned modder thinks they can accomplish this they can give me a buzz at [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]. Thanks for your attention and good luck! P.S. could someone throw in the T-21 light repeating blaster as well? Thanks!