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21st July 2005

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#1 13 years ago

It seems a new version of KoTOR tool was released yesterday. Those who don't have auto download enabled (like me), just go to the modding tools sticky, or click here. For the KoTOR tool thread, click here. Here's a list of changes in the new version:

Fred TetraFeatures/updates:
  • Added Sound Set File (SSF) editor
  • Added BodyBag support to Creature (UTC) editor
  • Updated Merchant (UTM) editor to have a drop down list for Buy/Sell/Both flag
  • Added support for 3 new maps (203tel,204tel, and 906mal) for use in Module editor
  • Updated Dialog.Tlk viewer to editor (already in use by the TSL:RP team)
  • ERF extraction (entire file)
  • Check which maps for the Module editor are supported by Kotor Tool and show which are installed on your system
  • Extract for Module Editing now allows for selection of which resources to extract and can remove references from the .GIT file from those not extracted, so you don't have to use the GFF editor
  • Extract for Module Editing now sets the GameVersion value in .GIT file so Kotor Tool and its editors are aware
  • Module editor now shows mouse location in KotOR units
  • Module editor can pan map using middle mouse button, shift or control keys modify pan speed
  • Module editor can now build a .MOD file (yeah!)
  • Module editor now creates a template reference or instance for user palette items
  • Module editor will include any files you place in your module project's 'extras' folder in the .MOD file
  • Module editor now shows context-sensitive help messages
  • PWK/DWK editor now implemented for experimenters
  • New Nullsoft-based installer