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22nd September 2008

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#1 12 years ago

I just finished reading the Darth Bane novels and had a thought; Wouldn't it be fun if you could get the Obalisks for your Knight character? Sadly I don't have the moding and editing skills to do this idea myself, so I'm throwing it out to any talented moder who is up to the challange. Here's the rough stats ideas i've worked out: Obalisk armor Darkside restricted Can be found in the Korriban tombs or the Rat temple catacombs required: Armor proficiancy Heavy, Toughness, Conditioning, Charecter being level X Jedi Grants: Feats: Improved and master Toughness and Conditioning Force power: Force immunity Adds: to physical attributes Heals Vitality like Canderus does Weaknesses Subratacts: from mental attributes Restricts: Force Lightning related powers Vulnerable to Electricity, (Creates poison effect on wearer when hit)