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#1 11 years ago

In the unmoded game there are some conversation options that made me think one could use to change party member alignment (ex. to dark side) but the changes don't happen :(. Ex. Mission brother - you almost get Mission to agree killing her brother. Carth son - the same. Making love to Bastila should, in my opinion, change a bit the alignment of both toward the dark side. ( I know love is not bad but I think like this - light = jedi teachings , dark = sith teaching, love is more accepted by the sith).

What I would like to see is the influence that we have on kotor 2 manifesting itself in kotor one.Two ways:

Party member's quest and choosed options - more alignment points gained.

General influence - small continuous gains - due to general tendance of the main character through the whole game.Party should kind of mirror you but in very slow changes. (I could quite do without this if by specific quest dialog I could reach a sufficient alignment change/increase for each of the party members).

What would be even great to have - dialog changes for party members (when they interfere without asked during the game) according to their curent alignment.

If this is possible I would also skip killing jolee and juhani and mission when going dark side if I managed to turn them by that time.

So party alignment mod will bring a whole new dimenssion to the game. I would even converd Bastila before the sith do it (that should not affect the story :) ) when going dark side. One pleasant effect of alignment changes is that the jedi in your party could better support you - I would know that I want to go dark side and I want juhani/jolee aside me using dark force powers at low cost.Why kill them when I could slowly turn them? It would be nice to be able to realy play the sith around and not just having a light party following me when I'm darknes incarnate.I find it annoying that Juhani is light yet she help/kills for my dark deeds without a remorse , like she's kind of a droid (most of the time).Almost 100% light party supporting me but I'm a sith lord - it just doesn't make sense. Things like this. Is there a mod doing that?Could it be done?