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#1 13 years ago

The mod i am thinking of follows after the battle of the star forge and malak is dead and a darkside ending is the only way to "trigger" it anyway after reclaiming your title as The Great Dark Lord of the Sith with lover/apprentice bastila. there is a cut scene of revans fleet going to destroy the republic my idea is basically re visit all the planets of the republic or main ones alderaan courscant dantooine etc lots of planet lots of em and basically have fun wipe em out via artillery fire than command sith troops to land and wipe out all remaining republic people guy things while introducing a deeper love story between revan and bastilia because we all know he wanted to bang her and i kinda wanted him to. So gimmie your thoughts thanks.


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#2 13 years ago

I guess that this was inspired by my Storyline mod that I (and my team) are making. The cutscene will be extremly hard to make if you want to animate one. Won't take less than a month :P The planets will be hard to make. You will have to have quite a large team for them. And you seriously want a sex scene between Bastila and Revan? I am afraid that that is quite impossible since you have to put both into a object that looks like a bed and there isn't one and it's impossible to put a creature into an object. And you will have to make the animations and that will be extremly hard. And you can't make the battles between sith and republic to big, max. 10 vs 10, because the game engine isn't built to handle big battles