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#1 6 years ago

I recently downloaded a force power mod, called "all in one force power mod" but when I run the installer and I go in-game, all the force powers are there, but when I look at the first new force power, its description is there as it should be but when I look at the second/upgraded version of that same force power, it has no description, instead its title/name has the description of a different force power from a previous mod I had installed in the name title, called "kill plague multi (which used a TSL installer), and the rest of the force powers have no descriptions, I reinstalled the game but the problem persists, and I believe the Dialogue.TLK file is the issue so where can I download this one single, original file so I can replace it?

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#2 6 years ago

It is prohibited to (re-)distribute the original files of the game. This includes dialog.tlk. You'll have to reinstall the game or get the individual file off the game disk.

Next time, make sure you backup the original file after installing it, if you know you're going to temper with it in any way. This ensures that you'll be able to roll back in case this scenario occurs again.

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