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#1 11 years ago

This is for Knights of the old republic 1 Every time i go into my game everything works like a dream but for some reason i discovered i can't use any force powers.. :(.. they don't even show up when i fight an enemy.. and when i go to the data screen and go to the "powers" tab my game freezes completely and shuts down... I don't know what the problem is.. I've been waiting to play this game for quite some time now and i really want to play it.. but it looses the purpose if i can't even use my force powers!!! i'm at the part in dantooine where i just saved juhanni and i've become a padawan.. i don't get the screen that says i get to choose what powers i want.. and it doesnt show up at all when i go to the "powers" tab it freezes PLZ HELP!.

P.s. i know its not the mods i use cuz i deleted all the mods in my override but it still happened.. idk if its the kse maybe i thats the problem.. idk.. but it SUCKS!

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#2 11 years ago

If really the mods were responsible for this (although in my opinion, it's unlikely), there's a good chance this error will continue within the savegame. Have you tried loading another savegame before you came to Dantooine and do it all over? (Sorry if that seems like a bad advice...) Other than that, I'm afraid I can only propose trying a new game... (When you installed the game, there was no error message of any kind, right?)



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#3 11 years ago

OK, i pretty much just re-installed the game and started all over i found out it was the savegame editor i was using that messed it all up. (cuz im new with it and didn't know what i was doing) it wasn't the mods.. in fact when i started a new game after re-installing a mod called (Skip taris) help me not have to go through the whole damn story again and i was able to swoop right to dantooine now my powers work.. Cheers!