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#1 11 years ago

Hi everyone.

I just started modding 2 days ago and I now want to change the Dialogs in TSL to add new content and change the story. BUT: The Dialog Editor in Kotor Tool doesn't work for TSL. I made some changes and copied the files into my Override-Folder. The Result was that I couldn't see the text of what was spoken and which things I could say. I tried to change some Dialogs in the original Kotor and that worked.

So my Question is if it is normal that this doesn't work or if you know where the problem is. (I live in Germany so I have the German version of Kotor and TSL maybe it has something to do with that.)

Thanks a lot and may the force be with you :cya:

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#2 11 years ago

Let another German tell you one thing: Don't use that one. It sucks compared to what else we have! (This is actually not against kotortool but for good old tk102 :D ) This is a utility for dialogue editing in K1 and 2, it gives you many more possibilities for customizing your dialogue. (And I believe there was only one strange way to get the dialogue from kotortool working but don't ask how...) Extract the dialogue files you want to edit (like atton's dialogue, kreia's, and so on) to a file and open it up with the DLGEditor. You can go through the scripts in kotortool if you want to use already defined scripts (like adding to the dark side, adding items, and so on). (You will have to open the nss-scripts.)

The DLGEditor is available here: StarWarsKnights.com - Knights of the Old Republic - Kotor TSL - The Sith Lords (It's the first item under "Dialogue/Sound editing")

Good luck and have fun modding! :cya:



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#3 11 years ago

Ok, I will try this. Thanks man.


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#4 11 years ago

Well, now I have a second problem. I changed a dialog string from Atton and I tried if it worked. I could see the string I have written but then I get a "Conversation Error: The Dialog doesn't have a continue or end dialog option." I found the problem: The Line from my String to the following Strings is "broken". I tried some things to fix that problem, but I am unable to do it. Could anyone please tell me what to do?

Thanks :cya: