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#131 11 years ago

Hey all, Okay like everyone bitching on here I have Vista and KOTOR 1, but not two I can't find just two but I do find it the best of Star wars. I am not computer savy in any way I know how to chat play games that I have and use the net. Bought my computer spent just over 4g on it because it was/ is said to be the best gaming computer out there. But now when I load KOTOR it loads find start playing then suddenly it freezes and windows says there was a problem. But my other games run if not a bit glichie (right word?) other than Fable and PoP 2 Thrones, they run better then want they did on my old office computer that was duck taped to a base gaming computer (or thats what a friend told me). Please help either give me the idiot prof way of fixing it. Thanks for the help

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Please do note that "supercomputers/high-end computers" might have problems running the game, seeing as the GPU and other parts work faster than the game intended it to be. Any details on your character's whereabouts/location at the time the crash occurred would be nice, as it could help to solve your issue quicker and easier. Where and when did your game crash and what was the error message?

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Hey there, first post of mine on this forums so will try to make it short and sweet. The crash on vista occurs with a driver that was taken out of the operateing system when the upgrade from XP to Vista occured. What you need is an updated:

Mss32.dll file from a website, will post the link in a moment when i find it...but all you do is copy paste it over your file in your kotor2 folder and it allows you to play the game with sound and everything. It worked for me so....moment while i find this link...


Theres the link for the file ^^. Hope it helps some people.