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I'm having a very annoying issue in the Leviathan. It happens that, after I defeat Malak the second time, instead of Bastila comming to save you it triggers the conversation between you, Carth and Bastila when the Leviathan shoots the tracking beam; 'Saul was my mentor', 'Talking of an escape is somewhat premature' etc. After you choose which member should save you the conversation stops, Carth and Bastila return to where they were (behind the door, stunned) and I have Malak in front of me stopped doing nothing. Can't talk with him nor anything. And so I'm stucked between those 4 doors.

I believe it may be some comflict within the mods I use, specially the Brotherhood of Shadow, although I'm not sure. The mods that could trigger this are Brotherhood of Shadow and Kay, since the others just add items.

It's the second time I get stucked in K1, so I don't want to start a new game again, without first finishing this one :). Just want to bypass this.

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21st April 2008

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lol i had Kay and BOS both installed on my game once apon a time. thanks to me insisting on using kay i've screwed up 3 games and had to reinstall twice. i haven't even had the chance to try BOS yet so i gave up on kay. i blame her but without trying out brotherhood of shadow i can't say which one causes the problem. try loading a save right before the leviathan but before that remove your override from your installation directory. play that level unmodded (i know it sucks :P) but don't pick Juhani/Kay if that option becomes available. see if that works. if it does then just save and drop your override back into your directory. and if it doesn't idk wat to say