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Force storm in a crowd looks [napoleon dynamite voice]FLIPPIN' SWEET[/napoleon dynamite voice]

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My Story goes like this. LS Version:I was a jedi knignt and my masters were very pleased with my progress.I was eager to learn more and more of the light side and its history my masters told me that i will become a great Jedi Master some day and i after sometime i wanted to learn about war and that kind of staff.My masters told me that i was too young to undarstend war.At that time i and Dracon were doing our special trial Revan came he asked will we join him to stop the mandalorians.We both acepet to join him.Many jedi fall to the dark side and i started too fall but dracon was still on the light side.And when the war ended Dracon was called to pay for his crime againts the mandalorians.Then when he got out of the chambers he told me that was exiled.I was afraid becuse i falled to the dark side.When i got in the concuil chambers.Master Atris started talking about me and the dark side she said i had to be Exiled.Many of the masters agreed with her becuse she had a point and they punished me with the title of exile i acpeted my fate and i taked the path of the exile wondering around the galaxy going from star port to star port.One day i and Dracon met again.We maid a new alliance becuse the jedi order was almost dead me and dracon were aways strong in the force we started to teach are self new Force Powers light and dark.our quset was too rebuild the jedi order and to defeat Darth Nihilus.First we went to Onderon there we fighted many dark jedi becuse Onderon was captured by the Sith.We Defeated the sith and after we tought that the battle was for nothing becuse we defeated like 100 sith.Then when we were liveing my friend Dracon said that there are some ruins wich there can be some force crystals for our saber.We went in to the ruins and we saw sith toruting jedi we defeated the sith and rescued the jedi we told the jedi to return to corusnact and start to rebuild the academy.Then they taked there ships and left.After they left we went to our ship and rebuild our saber with the crystals we found in the ruins.Our ship was the rouge shadow.Our next stop was Ord Mantell.When we landed on the doocking bay.We discoverd that the planet was strong in the dark side and it was loaded with death echos.We enterd the colany and there were many corpse and there were some surviers that we healed with the Force.We asked them what happend and they told us that Sith assaians attacked the statioun.Then we asked when we deal with the sith what will happend here?They told us that they will call the galactic malitia.When we got into the aboendet appartements the sith attacked us from all sides we were srouned got thing before the sith came Dracon put some mines.When they came close many of the sith steped on the mines.But not all of them were killed we didnt now what to do so i sugested we use Force Sense.When we activate the sense we killed the sith and in one appartment we found many jedi.We told them that the way was cleared.We told them to return to Corusnat so they can rebuilding the Academy.They taked there ship and return to Corusant.We returnt to our ship.The last location for as was dantooine it was taken over by the sith our masters were there but we were about to find out.We landed on the space port but the sith didnt recodnise us.So the first place we sherched for was the crystal cave.We found our masters there and they said are you here for revenge Exiles.We told them that were here to return them to corusant.They said that they can sense the force from us and they said that the force has return to our bady they toguht many tehnincs at the cave.We even maid our saber stronger then before.They said that they are gonna help us deafating the sith on this planet we deafeated them.We told the masters that we are rebuilding the order at Corusnat and they should go there.So they taked there ship and returnt to corusnat we were folliwng them.On Corusnat we prepear the Republic and the jedi to attack Nihiluis privete ship.Some of the Mandalorian mercs joined the republic to deafeat the sith.The Attack begin I and Dracon borded his ship with the Mandalorians.Many mandalorians died on the ship but one mandalorian named Kex Ordo helped us alot.we deafeated Nihilus forces and now it was time to face the dark lord him self.When we found Nihilus Only i could understand what Nihilus said becuse Dracon or Kex Ordo never fall to the dark side like i did.Then we started to talk and i said to him that he's rain of teror was over and we started to fight.Druing the fight Nihilus destroyed my light saber i was defence less and then Kex tooked the hit for me.Then Nihilius used statis on Dracon i was alone i tooked Dracon's Saber and we continioud the fight.Nihilus was aways hungry for power he use he's power Force Drain on me and Dracon.But some how it reflect at on him.and hi died only his skull mask was there. I tooked the mask and destroyed it.War has ended.Kex died but he achived his dream of gaining honor and glory his name was remeberd in the Jedi Arcihves.After that Our masters give us the title Of Prodical Knights.Our names Rex and Dracon were sign in the Archive.That's the Light side Ending now for the dark. DarkSide ending:I was a jedi knight and my masters told me that i will became a great master but they were worried becuse i sometimes was angry and ambition i had hunger for knowlge of the dark side and i aways wanted to fight in a war my masters were very worried about that.One day me and my friend Dracon were doing our special trainings.Also i And Dracon were Strong in the force and headstrong like revan a dengorous combiantion.When i and dracon were training and Revan came wanted us to join and we did.I fall to the dark side did bad things.I Killed many jedi becuse they disobeyed my order.And Dracon killed many as well.We slayed without showing mercy.When the war ended and the jedi order called us.I went in first and the jedi masters started to want apolagies and that kind of stuff.But i told them that i didnt come becuse they summond me i came on my will.After that i told that i slayed jedi in the war and im gonna do it again.But they exiled me.When i got out of the chambers i told Dracon that he was next to lisen there blabling.After that i and Dracon were both exiled.On our way out we saw our masters they said that they were very disapointed with us.But something happed back then great anger came in us.We stroke down our masters.And left the academy.We tryied Bounty hunting and mining but it wasnt for us.One we decide to get out revenge on the jedi.So we maid an alliance with Darth Nihilus and if we kill the jedi we were going to become great sith lords.Nihilus give us a part of the sith empire he maid us Dark Jedi.We were send on Ord Mantall.But since we became dark jedi we had the force again.When we landed on the starport.We sensed that on the planet they were many jedis.So we got in the coliny and we saw many fools in the coliny.Then we found one guy that was doing good so i just used a force choke on him and he died.Our anger became strong we could feel it it showed on our face.We got in the appartments there were many jedi there we killed them all without showing mercy.One of the jedi beg us for mercy but i stroke him down with anger.We Killed all the jedi on the statioin.So we taked our ship The Rouge Shadow.And we upgrade out sabers to bacame more stronger.We wanted power and our master Darth Nihilus gave us power.We know more about the dark side and we learn more force powers.Our next planet was Onderon.Our mission was kill evry jedi and republic scum we can find.When we landed on the starport we saw many jedi and republic sucm we killed them all.after that we saw a mother with her childs we didnt show mercy and we kill them.Our mission was compleated.We got back on our ship.Our last mission was to kill the jedi on dantooine.Darth Nihilus gave us an army.We landed on the starport and we attack.We destroyd evry living thing.One of our soldiers was hurt by a jedi and i finished him.Our master told us that we compleated the trial for sith lord and also he said to return to him.We did return to him he trained us we became sith lords i took the title of revan becuse he disapiard.I became Darth Revan and Dracon became Darth Dracon.Our last mission was to attack the jedi temple on corusant.We attack it and we killed evry jedi we can find with our army ofcurse.The jedi order was wounded.We Return to Nihilus ship.Then we attack him.We foght him to death i used Force Storm and Dracon used Death Field.And we killed him then we maid and alliance and we became in charge of the sith.And we rebuild sith academy on Korriban and when we came to vist all the sith said All hail Lord Revan All hail Lord Dracon the dark lords of the sith. -Thats the Dark side ending.All yeah i fogert i play with gander male.

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#33 10 years ago
Alpha 77;4677550My Story goes like this. Giant wall of text no one is going to read.

Paragraphs are your friends. :)


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Well I usually go light. However, I, unlike some of you seem to, find the darkside absolutely hilarious. "now go jump into the pit!" xD I've played both genders, but prefer male, as someone said before, I prefer having a romance with a female over a male. Usually I make diferent stories for my characters. Here's a summery for my last. Regret. Its a word I'll never use. I'll head forward, never look back. To whats right in your mind, not whats right in others. Its one crazy galaxy. I used to be a Jedi Knight, but I gave that title up long ago. I excelled at what I did, a never second questioned what I learn, because up until the mandalorian war, I agreed with it. However, the Manadalorian Wars were a nescettity. I followed Revan, as my leader, but not my preacher. I followed him to the end of the Mandalorian Wars, but I saw what he had become. So I left, I couldn't become something like him. I hoped that i was wrong, but I always follow my gut. So the concil called me. Then "exiled me". Shuttas. Still, they did what they had too, I do what I do. I'm a good guy, I spread the wealth. Help where I can. But I never look back, never regret. This was actually really fun to play as, because I got lightside points and annoyed Atris to death >:)

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I usually play the game darkside, and a female on top of that. The main reason i usually play female is, well, many of the male faces just don't look like something i want to stare at for hours on end, in either K1 or K2.

Story for a Female DS Exile:

I was a jedi, like all others. But i think that some still see me as one of those destined for something greater than simply a Jedi Knight. I think that in most respects, they were right. I was always told during my training as a jedi that i not only was very strong in the force, but i had the potential to join the Council. But the only think i was always warned about, was the "dark side of the force". Most jedi look upon the darkside with contempt and fear, where some, like me, see that i wanted something more than just a life of passivity.

I always held the darkside as something to be used, the same way i viewed the force. I constantly used the force for the mundane tasks that others would have to do with their hands. My master always took to bereating me for this, but it was worth it, nonetheless. The common view of the force, to a jedi, is that it is not to be used in anger, or without reason. Well, i figured that i had a reason to used it, since i can. What good is anything that you have the use of, but because of age old tradition, cannot use freely?

When the Manalorian War started, I was asked to meet another jedi, Malak. He gave me an offer that i could not refuse. He, and Revan, along with a group of other jedi, and any that would agree, planned on lending their aid to the Republic. Myself, i said i would join them, before he even asked me. Thanks to my rank in the order, i was affored the positon of General in the Repulic fleet. Many of the republic troops, and some of the other jedi that served me, could feel my emotions during battle, and they began to act in a similar fashion.

When i fought on Duxn, it was at a point where i could almost effortlessly take out dozens of Mandalorians without needing to run for cover. However, my saber, which i had recently changed the blue crystal for a red one, took the lives of many Mandalorians. Somehow i thought, i was all to easy. At times i had to ask myself why i was fighting. But i knew why. I was fighting for more than just to prove what i could do. I was fighting for the Republic, the same the jedi protect. Was this wrong? Was this truely wrong?

Near the end, which somehow i could see coming, we ended up fighting near Malachor V. I was in command of an entire fleet by then. The fight was going well, but i did notice that many of the soldiers and jedi who were fighting in that battle, were ones that Revan could sense their doubt about the war.

During the battle, at first we had a good lead. Then, it got worse. Fortunately for us, we had a back up plan. My head technician had developed a weapon to crush the Mandalorians at Malachor, and end the war. It was hidden within the planet itself. When the battle took a turn, i ordered my ship a safe distance away, and watched out the main viewport, knowing the mandalorians had no idea what we were doing.

I looked to my tech. I never said a word, but i nodded my head. Before he activated it, i turned back to the bridge view port. Seconds later, the ship rocked. I slammed hard to the deck-plates, and passed out. When i finally came too, i pulled myself up, and a horrible sight entered my eyes, and i smiled. Debris of Mandalorian and Republic ships, all floating around the broken planet. My head still hurt, i didn't know why. But i knew that at that point, i had nearly finished what i wanted to do. I asked myself if it was enough. But as i did, i told myself, that it was. For the Republic, it was. Various medals, praise from those soliders i had saved.....

But it wasn't enough for the Jedi Council.

I went back to the Temple on Corestant, and faced them. Some jedi nearly feinted as i entered the Academy. I understood why. My hair and skin were lighter, and my eyes different. Even if i could not feel the force, it still cast its shadows over me.

When i entered, their look was something i was expecting. None of them really listened to what i said. Even as i knew i was there to "explain" myself, i knew they only saw past me, and not me. They only wanted to see some greater threat behind me, where i knew there wasn't. At least, i didn't think there was.

What they did, i don't think i care for, but still, Exile wasn't what i hoped. I had hoped for them to see what i had done, tell them why, and hopefully make them understand. The did not. All they wanted to understand, is not why i chose to go to war, but they wanted me to understand why i shouldn't have, and why i should leave the jedi. Truthfully, i already had. All those times i chose to slaughter the mandalorians, all those times i killed and asked the questions later.

Before i left, they asked for my saber. I had the thought of just keeping it, but it was a part of my self as a jedi. I grabbed it from my belt, ignighted it, and stabbed it into the center stone. As i left, i heard the blade's sound dim, knowing it was trying to call me back. But i didn't go back. I wouldn't ever go back. Now that i found something better, i saw, nor see, any reason to go back.