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#1 15 years ago

Hey Everyone... I just started playing this game. (I played the old KOTOR a couple of times a couple of years ago) but like I said, I've just started (last night actually, I'm still plodding around Hangar Bay 25) I've heard some rumors about the PC version and wanted to see if I could confirm them. I heard there's a bug in the swoop races (or whatever) where it's damn near impossible to win? Is that true? In other words... should I not waste the credits? Also, in KOTOR, for the most part if you didn't want to mess w/ the computer/spikes and all that junk end of things there was almost always a more direct route of doing this stuff (sometimes not but most of the time yes)... is KOTOR2 the same way or am I going to have to bore myself and get in the computer and try to hack into stuff alot. Because it seems like that all I'm really doing in this Prota*whatever*II place. I've been looking forward to playing this sequel for a while, and I loved the first game but my band has been recording an album for the last 6 months or so and now I'm really for some brainless gameplay. (well, not really brainless but low stress anyway :naughty: ) Any thoughts you guys can give me on NPC's that seem to kick the most buttocks would be great. In KOTOR I was a big fan of the little droid (even though HK was a crack up). Just wondering... who should I be running around with the most when I get to a new planet and who's best to have with you when stuff starts to get "thick" :) Thanks everyone!! chris


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#2 15 years ago

One more thing... where do I need to go to get me a lightsaber (build one is what I'll probaby have to do right?) Nar Shadahh?

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#3 15 years ago

You'll get your lightsaber after completing...three planets I think. The swoop races are bugged, I think the patch may fix it.... it always registers as a crash.... On Pergaus II, the is a lot of computer stuff you have to do... you don't have to listen to the recording's and stuff though. The best NPC's, as before, are the Jedi. I won't give away any spoilers about the Jedi ... After building HK, he's pretty good. That's about it.