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9th October 2007

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#1 10 years ago

It's been some time since I visited the page. Once I was an active member of this community of KOTOR followers, and I challenged and learned a lot from the exchange with fellow posters. The objective of this thread is to share some conclusions I have reached regarding the whole KOTOR storyline and its sad end, as it was never finished, and the upcoming The Old Republic is likely to ignore the events that would have brought KOTOR to an end. I think we have all come a long way since I started the Revan Overestimated thread, and the amount of info and data I have collected about Star Wars in general over the years has changed my view on many aspects, including the one that kept bugging me the most: Why did Revan do the things he did? What drove him into protecting/destroying the Republic in such a contradictory way? First, I thought he was an egomaniac, a blood-thirsty monster, a Sith-wannabe so bent on domination that his actions made little sense. However, TSL completely changes such notion, and this is exactly where the "meat" of the "The Sense in KOTOR" thread kicks in. When The Sith Lords was released, we players got a better understanding of Revan's intentions, how he was actually preparing for a much greater battle, and this very fact is what explains his seemingly contradictory actions. Revan was simply way over his head. We discussed his messianic complex in several earlier threads, and my approach on this has not changed much. However, after reading the overall Legacy of the Force storyline, as well as the bits and bites of the upcoming Fate of the Jedi novels, I finally found a similarity in the events leading to the Jedi Civil War and the Second Galactic Civil War. You see, the problem with the stories set after The New Jedi Order is they don't make sense in a broader scope. I mean, sure, the Swarm War was cool, and Jacen falling to the Dark Side and battling Luke was thrilling, but little of it made sense as a story. Why did Caedus do the things he did? What drove him into protecting/destroying the Republic in such a contradictory way? Sounds familiar, right? Well it is because The Swarm trilogy and the Legacy of the Force books are actually the prologue to a much larger event, storywise speaking. The very same happens to the Thrawn books written by Zhan, particularly Specter of the Past and Phantom of the Future. The whole Thrawn story may be seen as the preface to the New Jedi Order. This is what happens with KOTOR. Revan's actions are baffling because they are not meant to be understood by playing KOTOR alone. (This is a purely story-driven approach, by the way, not taking into consideration KOTOR is a product, game, etc.) KOTOR is actually the first part in a three-act drama, of which TSL becomes the "great revelation", much like the Empire Strikes Back's famous "I am your father". It is in The Sith Lords that we learn of Revan's motivations, wether they were sustained by actual facts or mere delusions. It is in the second installment of KOTOR that we learn of the true plot to conquer the galaxy. Wether the True Sith are real or not is irrelevant, what matters is Revan "believes" (or at least wants "us" to believe) they do. This is what actually gives sense to KOTOR's apparently convoluted storyline. Sadly enough, however, we may never know how this great story ends, unless a future game takes over the unfinished project or the rumour about the comics telling the final part comes true. And as for the many, MANY, loose ends and questions left by TSL, just remember, the same as KOTOR, there was supposed to be a final chapter to bring closure. In lack of a better source, we may all refer to the author's original ideas and intentions, which have personally cleared all my doubts. Anyway, just wanted to open this thread to clarify such points, and to thank all of the contributors who helped me reach this understanding. A big wave to you guys!! :cya: Peace, and may we meet again!!


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#2 10 years ago

i agree with you totally on the matter. i really think your parallel between the different eras of EU is insightful.

star wars works best in trilogy format. the first act sets the plot, second act brings the revalation, and third act supplies closure.

the thrawn duology you mentioned really did set the stage for the new jedi order, as it brought the classic era to a close and introduced us to the basic premise of the new jedi order era.

each of the in between series, such as the dark lord trilogy, swarm war, and thrawn duology are used to show the passing of time between eras, ending one and starting another.

legacy of the force was a fantastic series, but its problem was how it was presented. While the new jedi order went in chronological order, and each sub series was presented on its own, encompassing a greater whole, legacy kept jumping from one author to another, disrupting the flow of story arcs. this limits what each author can do with their characters, just like the old republic mmo hampers what kotor 3's story could have been like.

lets just hope lucasarts sees reason for once and pray.:bows: