What is the one thing you absolutley hate about TSL? -1 reply

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15th March 2005

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#161 11 years ago
amusedeagle;5152446thanks graeme,but im not a modder,no offense or anything,but its not really my thing

That's why he gave you a mod someone else made rather than telling you to make one yourself. :)


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19th August 2009

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#162 11 years ago

oh,sorry,shows what i know,anyway,top 10 things i hate (10 i hate the least,1 i hate the most) 10.peragus,it takes too f****** long 9.telos,see above 8.atris,shes a lesbo 7.kreia,i just hate her,im not sure why 6.hanhaar,see above 5.nar shardaa,takes too long to get around 4.zez kai el,tried to take my force(kavars cool,i dont mind him) 3.azkul in a way,for insulting me by thinking a mere 7 mercs could stop me 2.VROOK 1.LUCASARTS

2 and 1 both for obvious reasons


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7th February 2010

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#163 11 years ago

DarthRevan2007;4920519(Off Topic) Gah, Disc 4 of K1 is knackered, stuck now with playing TSL, for another 2 weeks till i can get a new copy of K1.

Back on Topic, who thinks Dxun was too short

Sucks about K1 Dxun was totally way too short ,Vrook and the rest of the order,all the super bugs , and ...... Two Words........ NAR SHADAA:sleep::sleep::sleep:PS:once you get a master combat feat with double blades game gets sooooo easy same for K1

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31st January 2010

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#164 11 years ago

Vrook annoyed me because he continued to treat me just as he did when I first returned to the council for judgement. He just could not see that I had fully embraced the way of the Jedi again. His actions can be justified if I choose the way of the Sith, but when I choose the way of the Jedi, he should give me at least SOME credit for making amends.

Other than that, the only thing that significantly annoyed me was that the game was rushed to the point that over half of the original content was cut out. That just left out too much crucial information, as well as left too many unanswered questions. I appreciate the restorations that true fans have done, but just the fact that there was so much cut out in the first place still annoys me.

On a lesser note, another annoyance has been the languages, or rather, the lack of languages.

Most of the planets in TSL have republic connections, yet almost all of the alien species are speaking the Hutt language. Thankfully, the Ithorians and wookiees have their own languages, but why doesn’t anyone else?

It gets to the point that I start to look forward to talking to Ithorians, humans, wookiees, droids, or SOMEONE who speaks a language other than the Hutt language.