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#21 12 years ago

I'm partial to Consular/Watchman. You don't get as many feats as some of the other combinations but you have enough to have Master Flurry, Master Toughness, and Master Two-Weapon Fighting by level 18 (3rd level of Watchman) which is good enough for me.

In return for fewer feats you get these bonuses: Everything but demolitions is a class skill (no need to use feats on class skill:X) Lots of skill points per level (2 base with consular then 3 base with Watchman) Best save progression Master force focus for more likely stunning leading to Big damage boosts from sneak attack +3 Wis and +3 Con Mastery Bonus 19 selected force powers at level 15 allowing lots of flexibility there Force camouflage (not so much of a bonus but its there and I guess eventually it gives you +8 stealth)

Other combinations I've tried are consular/weaponmaster, consular/marauder and sentinel/master. I really disliked the Jedi Master but the others were ok. I haven't tried any non cross class combinations yet.


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#22 12 years ago

Hey Guys, new member here (Where's the n00b?! GET HIM!!! :rofl: :lol:) But seriously, folks: Jedi Guardian + Jedi Master or Sith Lord = major pain for those poor poor enemies (and that old hag, Kreia!). I have tried some of the other combos (such as...oh, lemme think...Guardian and Assassin) And they did not yield results that were as....esthetically pleasing as Jedi Guardian and Sith Lord/ Jedi Master was. But thats probably because I like to rip through enemies like a knife through butter with force Jump (VERY useful!) And I find that having a strong Jedi Guardian as a PC attracts the...how shall I phrase this...? Pixelated goodness that "is" the Handmaiden. :rofl::lol:


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#23 12 years ago

I found that Guardian was especially useless in K2. Every time I played I went with Sentinal (my favorite from K1), and then Watchman, since that's the matching Prestige Class. This game me a ridiculous amount of feats and skills, and didn't cut down on my Force powers too much. After reading online that other people felt the same way, I kept the combo. I'm too goody-goody to go DS, and the game was already dark enough as LS.