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#1 9 years ago

Hey, I am new in modding KotOR 2, however I attempted to make a script that runs another script; but how to do it? I have ten different scripts that give you ten force powers (names of scripts are in the SPOILER) and a lightsaber.

Spoiler: Show
force_lightning.nss force_choke.nss force_drain.nss force_heal.nss force_saber_throw.nss force_wave.nss force_speed.nss force_fear.nss force_shock.nss force_battle_meditation.nss lightsaber_give.nss

In a mini-mod I am currently making, these scripts are executed after talking to Kreia. And now the question falls: is it possible to make a script that executes all of these I listed in spoiler? Or maybe giving all these powers at once could be done?