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#1 13 years ago

Hey all, whoever could help me with this would rock. I like to be STRONG! I like to feel powerful and yet at the same time i like to be balanced. So i like to cheat :) And use a strong character, but i like to have a challenge. Yes i know its sorta an oxymoron.

So is there a way i can change the variables? or the difficulty? Like make it so the enemy isn't just lvl 20 but is the equivelant of a lvl 40 or somthin. (i dont know what max lvl is yet i'm only partially way into the game. but i borrowed it from a friend and wanted to try the game out. I love starwars stuff, so the game appeals to me already.

So does anoyne know how i can change it to make the game ultra hard or to make the mobs and such have a lotttt more hitpoint and such? A mod or a script? Let me know thanks!