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#1 11 years ago

Alrighty...First off and foremost....Mayhaps I missed something here, but there doesn't seem to be anywhere that essentially says, "OHAI, new 2 dowloadin' mods? C'mere! I'll 'splain..." Ugh. Now that the horrid l33t-speech is out of the way... Hi there. I just picked up KOTOR II for my PC. I've played and beaten the game on the X-box back when it first came out, but that was on my friend's console, and when I left college....well, that went kaputz. So I finally had the bright idea to pick up the game for my new laptop. And what do you know? It worked for a change! Yay! Anyhow, rambling.... So essentially, I'm curious how these 'Mods" work, how I download them, and if they will affect my current game save(s) or if I'll need to create a new file. I've only just left Telos (sp?) and arrived on Nar Shadaa as I still remember (and dread) doing the Dantooine quests while still working on acquiring a lightsaber....and Mira. And not leveling Atton or Handmaiden or Bao Dur til they could Jedi up. Bah. So, I've been glancing over the mods...and the one I just...absolutely MUST acquire if possible is: Full Force Mod Mod Download, Knights of the Old Republic 2 Mods New Force Powers? Yes freaking please. And so well done, at that, from the sounds of em. Please? Okay lady I love you buh-bye. This has been a java-filled, sleep-deprived help request by your local ninja Pizza Delivery-guy, Shikageru. If you read all of that...and respond with something semi-helpful, you are my hero. Go you.

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#2 11 years ago

First of all, welcome to the FileFront Gaming Forums. I hope you like it here. :) As to reply to your issue: sure, I'll explain. You might also want to check out the KotORII FAQ I've written for newbies and those who try to solve a problem.

At any rate, here goes. I'll be using the modification you linked as example of how to download, install and prevent problems when using modifications. The first step would be downloading. I assume you do know how to download modifications. If not, go to the page you linked, scroll down to the link which says 'Download Full Force Mod!' and click it. You'll be directed towards another page, which essentially shows yet another button for the actual download.

Once downloaded, it'll be either in a *.zip or *.rar format, most likely. I suggest you download WinRAR or 7-Zip, in-case you don't have any extracting/achiving programs. Now, open up the downloaded modification with either program and you should see three items. These being 'tslpatchdata', 'Readme.txt' and 'TSLPatcher.exe'.

Run the TSLPatcher after you read the Readme. You should see a little window of the patcher, containing some information that the Readme also has (chances are that this is the case). After reading the instructions carefully, you may click 'Start Patching'. A pop-up should appear, asking you to choose a folder / path. Navigate to the main game directory (which should be 'SwKotOR2' or anything similar). Do not choose the override directory. I say again - choose the main directory. Press OK and it should do the job. No errors should occur if you've done everything correctly (and of course, if you do not have any conflicting files).

That's pretty much it. Modifications that use the TSLPatcher are fairly easily to install. However, there's also the matter of manual installations, which goes a tad bit different. Should you want to install a modification that requires manual installation, you should follow these steps.

Let's take this modification as an example. Download the modification in the same way you did with the above. Once downloaded, open it up in WinRAR/7-Zip (or Windows Explorer, should you have Windows 7). You should see a bunch of files, mainly *tga, *.mdl, *.mdx and *.uti ones. Select all of these files (excluding the Readme, should it contain one) and press CNTRL+C. Now navigate to your override folder (in my case, it'd be 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Lucas Arts\SwkotOR2\Override'). Now press CNTRL+V. The files should be in your override folder. If it asks you to overwrite something, you may assume it conflicts with another modification, unless it's the same one, but an older version.

That's pretty much it, I guess. If you're afraid of any conflicts or whatsoever, I suggest you download the KOTOR Mod Manager. If you can't figure this one out, feel free to ask.

Hope that helps you.

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#3 11 years ago

First off, thank you for the expidituous (sp?) reply! Secondly, you're my hero. But you already probably knew that much. Thirdly, as an addendum, if that Grey Warden reference in your CT is what I think it is in reference to, you just became about 11 times more awesome without even breaking a sweat, leastwise in my eyes. Yay for Butcher fans! Anyhow, I've read it, and....though somewhat (or rather, terribly) sleep-deprived, I think I understand. I might end up writing the directions down or referencing back here OR just simply waiting until after I try to sleep tonight to get back to a normal sleep cycle again to attempt this. Wish me the dreaded good luck! Also, I did just have one more generic query regarding mods and such, as I've never used them before. Actually, it's a dual-question. So sue me. I like double-ended whatevers. Heh. Firstly, for the mod to take effect, do I need to do anything more after inserting it/them/etc into the proper folder after dowloading and unzipping/etc the file(s)? Secondly, is it retroactive, or do I need to start a new game? On a side note, I've become aware of a Jedi Gunslinger build, that, had I not found this site and mod, I'd be likely trying out with no mods. Heh. Yay for 'new force powers'? -Shika out

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#4 11 years ago

The Grey Warden reference is more than likely a Dragon Age reference, based on Graeme's previous avatar.

With regards to mod usability, in most cases you will need to start a new game to see the effect of a mod but it depends entirely on what the mod does and when it takes effect. For instance texture mods usually don't require a new game. Mods that add items or quests or other objects can often require a new game, but occasionally if you have not yet progressed to where the mod initiates the content you may be able to skate by on your current game. It is always a good idea to read the read-me of these files to see exactly how the mod works and what you will need to do to enjoy the content.