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#1 11 years ago

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Ok, I installed that mod, and it works fine, however, I was wondering if anyone could help me change Visas back to the way she looked BEFORE hand. Basically, I want her default look back. I loved the way she looked, and this mod just make a drastic change to her, that, to me, makes no sense whatsoever, and I don't like it. :p

Anyone know how to go about doing this?

I've already tried just deleting the files in Override, but all that does is change her head back to normal, but make her body all white with no texture on it.

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#2 11 years ago

If you loaded a savegame that already used this mod, it's possible that changes made to the override cause some bugs, so perhaps this will change if you load a savegame before meeting Visas or if you just start a new game. (Did this change her model? If you just deleted the skin, the model would have no "texture" to go with, so...)