Looking for a mod to replace the Dark side transition with light side one -1 reply

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#1 8 years ago

as the title suggests i am looking for a mod that replaces the dark side transition with the lightside one i used to have this mod as a component to another but i cannot find it

also if anyone uses the Luxa cloth as underwear mod the dark side transition sucks for both versions >.>

i personally dont mind how these mods are done whether it be custom done or Spliced together from other mods >.< or if theres a redundant version of what im looking for, i primarily want the dark side transition thing, the underwear one isnt a must.

oh also one of my heads broke its the P_FEM_C_LRG_05 (AND THE MED/SML VERSIONS) if anyone knows where i can get a override file to fix it would be swell.