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#1 10 years ago

Hi guys

I am brand new to this site, but have been modding SWG for quite awhile so I thought I'd try this too :) I only just began playing KotOR I & II for the first time a few weeks ago. My first post here though is a question and perhaps a request.

The male PC head PMHC04 in KotOR I is the 'mullet' face if you will, and I noticed that in the trailer, that is under 'movies' in the game menu when you first start up KotOR II, this particular male head model is displayed - as the playing character. However I see that this head is not among the selectable ones in the actual character generation. Here is a link to a screenshot of a mod that retextures the 'mullet' head in KotOR I: Knights of the Old Republic 2 Files - Screenshots for File: PMHC04 Head Replacements

I was wondering if this head model could be made available/'imported' for selection in KotOR II? And if so, could it be possible to use these retextures for blond hair and facial hair add?

I thank you kindly for any responses :)